Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lindsay Lohan

 I think everybody knows about Lindsay Lohan's recent antics of posing for playboy. I supossse like every other female celebrity she will try to "boost" her crumbling career by making herself into a masturbating tool for millions of men all over the world. Why do women subject themselves to sexual humiliation and degradation just for the pleasure of men? Sure....some of you are going to bite back at me about how women enjoy sex as much as men, how being overtly sexual is part of their freedom and that women want to be objects of sexual desire. However true that may be for some women...i still don't believe that the sexual images we see of women in those porn videos are enjoyed by most women. The idea that having constant fake orgasms while men pleasure themselves with every orifice of her body while we clearly and shockingly witness her degradation has anything to do with pleasure....yet some will still say it is normal and harmless. So why do we assume that Lindsay should pose for Playboy after suffering years of drug abuse, a lost career and a life of media humiliation? what will she gain from this nude photo shoot? another image for men to view them their personnel whores and just another sex object? some temporary spotlight in the public's eye? doesn't sound like much in return yet millions  of women follow her path to use their bodies to serve the platter of the modern male's deviant twisted sexuality.

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